Chocolates From Heaven

Chocolates From Heaven is committed to crafting premium organic chocolate with an exceptional taste, while supporting the planet and farmers. With our partners and customers, we are proud of our role in helping towards a brighter tomorrow.        

... trees planted Click here to find out more!

We're an honest premium organic and fair trade chocolate producer with a mission.
We create our chocolates because we care; therefore we use ingredients that meet strict standards for quality, ethical trade and environmental sustainability.
All of us are passionate about chocolate and together with you we will make the world better.

Our dreams are in line with the following values:


Planting Trees

Our mission is to regenerate the earth, by planting trees on and around the cocoa plantations.

Benefits of planting trees:

  • It cleans the air we breathe
  • Filters the water we drink
  • Provides habitat for more than 80% of the animals living on the land
  • Increases stable revenue for farmers by providing additional products, to sell and eat.
Chocolate lovers can make
a huge positive difference to
the lives of our cocoa farmers.

Our Farmers Dream

We want to give our farmers a brighter future.
We source our cocoa directly from local cooperatives and small-scale farmers.

We educate the Farmers and families on the field.
Good farming ensures greater yields, food, and a higher income for farmers.

All of our cacao ingredients are fairtrade certified, which gives the farmers a fair income.

No child savory

Extra bonus
In Papua New Guinea, we give the Farmers and the community an extra bonus on top, for the cocoa beans with a high quality, that they sell to the post-harvest centers.


Growing Pure Ingredients

We love a clean label and select every ingredient carefully.
100% of our ingredients are:

  • Organic
  • Non-GMO
  • Soy free
  • Clean label
  • Palm oil free

Traceability & fermentation
We guarantee physical traceability of all our origin chocolates. The cocoa beans from Papua New Guinea, are fermented in post-harvest centers close to the farmers, where experts monitor and improve the fermentation process, and check the quality of the cocoa beans.
This ensures an exceptional taste.

Planting trees, seeding dreams

When you break off a piece of chocolate, you’re not only in heaven from enjoying our delicious chocolate, but you are also helping planting a tree and seeding the dreams of our cocoa farmers.

Our mission is to regenerate the earth, by planting trees on and around the cocoa plantations. Planting trees is good for the climate, as well as countless social and economic benefits.

Dynamic agroforestry supports a diverse system of plants, improves soil quality, reduces diseases and increases stable revenue for farmers by providing
additional produce to sell and eat.

Planting trees, seeding dreams

Enter the code from your chocolate bar below to see the trees grow.
You can find the code next to the shelf life (4 numbers) on your bar.
No code? Try 2541.


Click the buttons below to find out more about our current agroforestry projects.

Papua New GuineaPeru

Our Products

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Almond Caramel Seasalt


Ginger Lemon




Dark 72%

Papua New Guinea

Dark 72%


Dark 72%


Dark 80%


Dark 85%

Peru & Dominican Rep.


Almond Caramel Seasalt

Dark 80%


Eggs Mix

Easter Eggs Mix


Baking Chocolate

Dark 80%

Baking Chocolate
Milk - Chocolates From Heaven


Ah, here it is, the "typical" chocolate bar. But typical is precisely what it isn’t, because the out-of-this-world mellow flavour will make you melt away.

Milk - Chocolates From Heaven


Almond Caramel Seasalt

Creamy milk chocolate with crunchy chunks of caramelized almonds and a hint of salt. Sounds heavenly isn’t it?

NewMilk - Chocolates From Heaven


Ginger Lemon

Smooth milk chocolate with a strong ginger taste and refreshing tartness of lemon/ Do you feel the refreshment already?

NewVegan - Chocolates From Heaven


An alternative milk chocolate, 100% plant based (made with rice) smooth, creamy and tasty as heaven.

White - Chocolates From Heaven


A creamy, white colour and a balanced flavour with a hint of caramel. Put on your roller skates and discover a small piece of heaven.

Dark 72% - Chocolates From Heaven

Dark 72%

Papua New Guinea

Teaching the farmers to improve the quality of the cocoa beans, and controlling the fermentation process, results in a full authentic flavor, where you can smell and taste the jungle of Papua New Guinea.

Dark 72% - Chocolates From Heaven

Dark 72%


If you are a fan of dark chocolate, and orange pieces put you in the moon, then is this chocolate bar just for you. Get ready to find yourself with your head in the clouds!

NewDark 72% - Chocolates From Heaven

Dark 72%


Rich blueberries meet bold cocoa in a captivating dark chocolate bar.

Dark 80% - Chocolates From Heaven

Dark 80%


Wow! This fruity, intense chocolate is a sheer delight! The cocoa beans evoke Peruvian jungles in your mind’s eye, where groups of monkeys, toucans and even jaguars lurk behind the trees in the Amazonian rainforest.

Dark 85% - Chocolates From Heaven

Dark 85%

Peru & Dominican Republic

Here we find ourselves nestled among palm trees on the coast in a tropical jungle. This heady chocolate is infused with the flavours of fruit and the fragrance of flowers.

NewMilk - Chocolates From Heaven


Almond Caramel Seasalt

These little creamy milk chocolates with crunchy chunks of caramelized almonds and a hint of salt are everyone’s favorite! Sounds heavenly isn’t it?

NewDark 80% - Chocolates From Heaven

Dark 80%


Wow! These little chocolates are fruity, intense and a sheer delight! The cocoa beans evoke Peruvian jungles in your mind’s eye, where groups of monkeys, toucans and even jaguars lurk behind the trees in the Amazonian rainforest.

NewEggs Mix - Chocolates From Heaven

Eggs Mix

Easter Eggs Mix

Creamy milk chocolate eggs with a lovely handmade praline filling full of crunchy chunks of caramelized hazelnuts. Sounds heavenly isn’t it?

NewVegan - Chocolates From Heaven


Baking Chocolate

These vegan milk chocolate drops are the best to make the most heavenly desserts or just as a sweet snack between meals. Ready to go to seventh heaven with these vegan milk drops?

NewDark 80% - Chocolates From Heaven

Dark 80%

Baking Chocolate

With these dark chocolate drops you can make the most delicious cake, brownie and off course chocolate mousse! Ready to surprise all your family and friends with your heavenly baking skills?


Where to find us?

Taste our delicious Chocolates From Heaven at the following shops. Click on the marker for more information about the store.

Schoolstraat 2
8310 Assebroek

't Hemelryck
Meensestraat 16
8900 Ypres

't Stokbroodje
Oostrozebeekstraat 2B
8710 Ooigem

2be - bvba Dubbel
Wollestraat 53
8000 Bruges

Kölner Str. 28
53840 Troisdorf

Altitude Vie SCRL
Chaussée De Couvin 38
6460 Chimay

Moeskroensesteenweg 152
8511 Aalbeke

Apollonienmarkt 5
18439 Stralsund

Au Pays De L'Epautre sprl
Avenue Van Sever 18
1970 Wezembeek-Oppem

Hendrik Brugmanstraat 6/2
8000 Brugge

Bakkerij Barlis
Ieperstraat 234
8930 Menen

Bakkerij Dewulf
Adolf Baeyensstraat 133
9040 Sint-Amandsberg

Bakkerij Neirinck
Winkelsestraat 106
8860 Lendelede

Bakkerij Okoro
Brugsesteenweg 180
9000 Gent

Bakkerij Van Acker
Wingensestraat 18
8020 Hertsberge

Bakkerij Vlaemynck
Paul Parmentierlaan 27
8300 Knokke

Balsami & Co.
Leipziger Str. 290
34260 Kaufungen

Stationstraat 34
8470 Gistel

Bar Juliette GCV
Albert I Laan 78 B
8620 Nieuwpoort

Hippoliet Lippensplein 25
9000 Gent

Barista Zuivelberg
Meerseniersstraat 16
9000 Gent

Bio Boer Busschots
Aarschotsebaan 316
2590 Berlaar

Bio- en dieetvoeding 't lang leven
Dorp West 1
9080 Lochristi

Bio-Planet Aalst
Gentsesteenweg 369
9300 Aalst

Bio-Planet Antwerpen
Oudeleeuwenrui 32/2000
1 Antwerpen

Bio-Planet Ben-Ahin
Rue Joseph Wauters 7
4500 Ben-Ahin

Bio-Planet Braine-l'Alleud
Chaussée d'Alsemberg 437
1420 Braine-l'Alleud

Bio-Planet Brugge
Sint-Pieterskaai 53
8000 Brugge

Bio-Planet Corbais
Hoogstraat 2/4
1453 Brussel

Bio-Planet Destelbergen
Dendermondesteenweg 301
9070 Destelbergen

Bio-Planet Ensival
Rue de la Paix 44
4800 Ensival

Bio-Planet Gent
Drongensesteenweg 134
9000 Gent

Bio-Planet Grimbergen
Vilvoordsesteenweg 301
1850 Grimbergen


Bio-Planet Halle
Bergensesteenweg 83
1500 Halle

Bio-Planet Hasselt
Genkersteenweg 69
3500 Hasselt

Bio-Planet Itterbeek
Ninoofsesteenweg 554
1701 Itterbeek

Bio-Planet Jambes
Rue Commandant Tilot 39
5100 Jambes

Bio-Planet Kessel-Lo
Tiensesteenweg 371
3010 Kessel-Lo

Bio-Planet Kortrijk
Burgemeester Vercruysselaan 12/14
8500 Kortrijk

Bio-Planet Lier
Boomlaarstraat 309
2500 Lier

Bio-Planet Liège
Rue Bernimolin 1
4020 Liège

Bio-Planet Machelen
Haachtsesteenweg 7
1831 Machelen

Bio-Planet Marcinelle
Avenue de Philippeville 229
6001 Marcinelle

Bio-Planet Mechelen
Battelsesteenweg 68
2800 Mechelen

Bio-Planet Mol
Molderdijk 65
2400 Mol

Bio-Planet Mons
Chaussée de Roeulx 186
7000 Mons

Bio-Planet Nivelles
Chaussée de Namur 59
1400 Nivelles

Bio-Planet Nossegem
Mechelsesteenweg 424
1930 Nossegem

Bio-Planet Roeselare
Brugsesteenweg 443
8800 Roeselare

Bio-Planet Sint-Niklaas
Heidebaan 101
9100 Sint-Niklaas

Bio-Planet Turnhout
Steenweg op Oosthoven 247
2300 Turnhout

Bio-Planet Ukkel
Egide Van Ophemstraat 50
1180 Ukkel

Bio-Planet Wilrijk
Boomsesteenweg 524
2610 Wilrijk

Chaussée De Philippeville 93
5660 Mariembourg

Rue Joseph Wauters 7
4520 Wanze

Biotaste BVBA
Gentsesteenweg 77
9800 Deinze

Waaistraat 4
9000 Gent 

Blé D'Or
Emile Verhaerenlaan 16
8300 Knokke

Brood & Banket Mahieu
Passionistenstraat 10
9770 Kruishoutem

BVBA Bakkerij Mario Van Acker
Beervelde dorp 69
9080 Beervelde

Zeedijk 286-288
8400 Oostende (Mariakerke) 

Cafe Chocolaterie Michels
Gustavstr. 48
90762 Fürth

Café Barista
Meerseniersstraat 16
9000 Gent

Cajsa Warg, St Eriksplan
St Eriksplan 2
11320 Stockholm

Chaudpain BVBA
Dorpstraat 89
8340 Sijsele

Chez Marie
Neermarkt 6
8900 Ieper

Choc'Lady Oostende
Christinastraat 60
8400 Oostende

Katelijnestraat 30
8000 Brugge

Chocolate Nation (chocolademuseum Anterpen)
Koningin Astridplein 7
2018 Antwerpen

Chocolaterie Jan De Clerck
Academiestraat 19
8000 Brugge

Chocolates & Happiness
Koningin Astridstraat 34
8210 Veldegem

Claire BVBA
Clement D'hoogelaan 2
9140 Temse

Confiserie Josef Holzermayr
Alter Markt 7
A-5020 Salzburg

Das Schokoladenhaus
Fischmarkt 18-19
65549 Limburg

Dat Teehus
Norderstr. 11
21502 Geesthacht

De Blauwe Bloem - Natuurvoeding
Lange Steenstraat 52
9000 Gent

De Coqisserie BVBA
Koninlijke Baan 29
8420 De Haan

De Dobbelhoeve
Goorstraat 43
2970 Schilde

De Druivenrank
Brugsesteenweg 595
9030 Mariakerke – Gent

De Fruitpoort
Staatsbaan 51
9870 Zulte

De Goudsbloem
Schooldreef 33
8020 Oostkamp

De Korrel BVBA
Strijdersstraat 25
2650 Edegem

De Linde Kortrijk
Doorniksewijk 82
8500 Kortrijk

De Mispel
Vosseslag 72
8420 De Haan

De Papaver Bio
Sint-Jacobsstraat 12-14
8900 Ieper

De Stroopijp BVBA
Natiënlaan 3
8340 Damme

De Vrije Natuur BVBA
Vredelaan 32A
3530 Houthalen

Der Naschladen
Markt 17
50374 Erftstadt

Triftstr. 4
80538 München

Dieetcentrum Christa
Koerselsesteenweg 204
3582 Koersel - Beringen

Domi’s lunchbar
Noorwegenstraat 30
9940 Evergem

Dornauers Lebküchnerei & Chocolaterie
Mögeldorfer Hauptstr. 62
90482 Nürnberg

Gemeenteplein 14
8300 Knokke

Epicerie Du Centre
Rue Lucien Burnotte 13
6840 Neufchâteau

Erov/groot Vleeshuis
Groentenmarkt 7
9000 Gent

Fritsch Kaffee
Helfferichstr. 3
70192 Stuttgart

Roeselarestraat 1
8980 Zonnebeke

Kungsgatan 47B
90326 Umeå

Gut & Gerne
Kurhausstr. 28
23795 Bad Segeberg

Hemköp Frölunda
Frölunda torg
42144 Västra Frölunda

Hemköp Matpressen
Rålambsvägen 7-9
11259 Stockholm

Hemköp Nordstan
Östra Nordstan
41110 Göteborg

Hemköp Stigbergstorget
Stigbergstorget 6
41463 Göteborg

Hemköp Wasahallen
Upplandsgatan 28
11328 Stockholm

Holland & Barrett
Antwerpsestraat 39 bus 2
2500 Lier

Holland & Barrett
Gasthuisstraat 25
2300 Turnhout

Holland & Barrett
Nieuwstraat 122
1000 Brussel

Holland & Barrett
Kattestraat 14
9300 Aalst

Holland & Barrett
Oude Vest 42
9200 Dendermonde

Holland & Barrett
Bondgenotenlaan 78
3000 Leuven

Holland & Barrett
Noordzandstraat 59
8000 Brugge

Holland & Barrett
Kapellestraat 86
8400 Oostende

Holland & Barrett (Essenza)
Koning Albertstraat 21
3500 Hasselt

Holland & Barrett (Essenza) Shopping Gent Zuid
Woodrow Wilsonplein 4/288
9000 Gent

Holland & Barrett Grand Bazar Shopping Center
Beddenstraat 2 bus 27
2000 Antwerpen

Holland & Barrett Ring Shopping Kortrijk Noord
Ringlaan 34
8500 Kortrijk

Holland & Barrett Shopping 1
Rootenstraat 8
3600 Genk

Holland & Barrett Shoppingcenter Promenade
Antwerpsesteenweg 39
2950 Kapellen

Holland & Barrett Waasland Shopping Center
Kapelstraat 100
9100 Sint-Niklaas

Holland & Barrett Wijnegem Shopping Center
Turnhoutsebaan 5
2110 Wijnegem

Ica City Knalleland
Skaraborgsvägen 26
50306 Borås

Ica Focus
Åvägen 42
41251 Göteborg

Ica Kvantum Liljeholmen
Liljeholmstorgets Galleria
11763 Stockholm

Ica kvantum Malmborg
Clementstorget 5
22221 Lund

Ica kvantum Sollentuna
Sollentuna Centrum, sköldvägen
19147 Sollentuna

ICA MAXI Alingsås
Hemvägen 19
44139 Alingsås

Ica Maxi Barkarbystaden
Majorsvägen 6A
17738 Järfälla

Grafiska vägen 16
41263 Göteborg

Lona Knapes väg 1
42132 Västra Frölunda

Ica maxi Jönköping
Herculesvägen 7
55303 Jönköping

Ica Maxi Ängelholm
Hugingatan 1
26271 Ängelholm

Nemčavci 1d, 9000 Murska Sobota, Slovenië

Jan en Lucrece
Gentpoortstraat 4
8000 Brugge

Juffrouw Strik
Gaversesteenweg 798
9820 Merelbeke

Kaap de Goede Hoop
Tabernakelstraat 2
2140 Borgerhout, Antwerpen

Kaffee Rösterei
Große Bergstr. 241
22767 Hamburg

Klein & Fein - Das kleine Lädele
Werkhausgasse 8
88299 Leutkirch

Kok ou Vins
Diksmuidsestraat 43
8900 Ieper

Västra stationsgatan 8
82143 Bollnäs

La Baguette
Gistelsesteenweg 383 A
8200 Brugge

La Ferme de la Barrière
Chaussée De Charleroi 105
1370 Jodoigne

La Prulhiere
Avenue Major Bovy 18
4651 Battice

La Ruche qui dit oui
Rue Félix Delchambre 71
4317 Faimes

La Vivriere
Avenue Van Volxem 86
1190 Forest

Lanckriet Patisserie Eeklo
Blommekens 100
9900 Eeklo

Le Chocolat
Bahnhofstr. 3-9
69469 Weinheim

Le Comptoir de la Cigogne
Rue D'Udange 23
6700 Toernich

Le Pont
Rue Joseph Potier 11
4140 Sprimont

Le Thym Frais
Chaussée de Helmet 184
1030 Schaerbeek

Lebens Art - Zeit für Genuss
Hauptstr. 86
76870 Kandel

Leo Tertzweillaan 3
9050 Gent

Les Trois Epis S.C.
Place Verte 20
7060 Soignies

M Tehnika - Center tehnike
Ulica Eve Lovše 1, 2000 Maribor, Slovenië

Ma Terre Première
Rue Du Doyenné 124
1180 Ukkel

Meine Pestoria
Grötzinger Str. 42
76227 Karlsruhe

Center 28, 2393 Črna na Koroškem, Slovenië

Mercator center Celje - Garaža
3000 Celje

Mercator Cerknica
Cesta 4. maja 4a, 1380 Cerknica, Slovenië

Mercator HM Šmartinska
Šmartinska cesta 102, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenië

Mercator Supermarket
Parmska cesta 2, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenië

Chaussée d'alsemberg 1006
1180 Ukkel

Moeder Babelutte
Kerkstraat 70
8370 Blankenberge

Moedertje Natuur
De Bekker Remyplein 34/35
3010 Kessel-Lo

Rue Glesener 9
L-1631 Luxembourg

Oh Bio Mio
Avenue Albert 8
1190 Forest

Aartshertoginnestraat 45
8400 Oostende

Panier D'Eloîse
Rue Edmont Laffineur 5
1300 Limal

Park Center Koper
Ankaranska cesta 3a, 6000 Koper - Capodistria, Slovenië

Hietzinger Hauptstr. 6
1130 Wien

Patisserie Nicolas
Oostveldstraat 33
9900 Eeklo

Point Nature - Ciney
Rue Du Centre 17
5590 Ciney

Poslovni sistem Mercator d.d.
Kidričeva ulica 4, 8340 Črnomelj, Slovenië

Poslovni sistem Mercator d.d.
Vipavska cesta 6, 5270 Ajdovščina, Slovenië

Poslovni sistem Mercator d.d.
Javorjev drevored 22, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenië

Poslovni sistem Mercator d.d.
Nove Fužine 33, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenië

Poslovni sistem Mercator d.d.
Pot k sejmišču 32, 1231 Ljubljana - Črnuče, Slovenië

Poslovni sistem Mercator d.d.
Kidričeva cesta 43b, 4220 Škofja Loka, Slovenië

Poslovni sistem Mercator d.d.
Spodnji Plavž 5, 4270 Jesenice, Slovenië

Poslovni sistem Mercator d.d.
Rožna Dolina 51, 4248 Lesce, Slovenië

Poslovni sistem Mercator d.d.
Cesta Ste Marie aux Mines 17, 4290 Tržič, Slovenië

Pure Bastogne
Rue de Wiltz 1
6600 Bastogne

Pâtisserie du Solbosch
Avenue Guillaume Gilbertlaan 48-50
1050 Ixelles

Chateau De Petite Somme
6940 Septon

Reimann`s Teewelt GmbH
Citti Park
Langberger Weg 4
24941 Flensburg

Markt 21
8920 Langemark-Poelkapelle

Rheinstr. 14
76185 Karlsruhe

Kaskelstr. 15
10317 Berlin

Schönborn KG
Alt Tegel 1 + 3
13507 Berlin

Spezialitäten - Solaro
Friedrichstr. 27
26548 Norderney

Stora COOP Medborgarplatsen
Fatburstrappan 7
11826 Stockholm

Stut bvba
Bieststraat 130a
8790 Waregem

Super Monkey
Rue De Tamines 18
1060 Sint-Gillis

Süsse Ecke
Stuttgarterstr. 53
70469 Stuttgart

Schlickgasse 5
1090 Wien

Süsses Paradies
Steinstr. 79a
81667 München

Süße Boutique & Geschenkideen
Rathausstr. 18
04416 Markkleeberg

Süße Metzgerei
Plöck 14
69117 Heidelberg

Tee & Bohne
Auf dem Driesch 8
50259 Pulheim

Tee - Gestöber
Wipperfürther Str. 398
51515 Kürten

Max-Weber-Platz 10
81675 München

Stationsstraat 117
9880 Aalter

Neue Str. 2
72202 Nagold

Vandererfven Delicatessen
Doorniksewijk 3
8500 Kortrijk

Vitacare BIO market, BTC Ljubljana
Ameriška ulica Vhod A3, 1000, Slovenië

Place Maurice Servais 1
5000 Namur

Weber`s Geschenkstubb
Frankfurter Str.21
63150 Heusenstamm


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